Complete Guide On Writing An Opinion Essay

July 20, 2020

An opinion essay is an official piece of writing. It involves your opinion on a specific topic or your chosen topic. It should be written clearly and shows your point of view on that topic by presenting a brace to your opinion in the form of relevant examples.

Students often find academic writing dry and boring. If you’re new to academics and asked to write an opinion essay and you must be desiring if someone could write my essay. Then there is a piece of good news for all students out there.

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Writing does not belong to everyone. Students enjoy doing practical academic tasks but when it comes to writing they often run away from it.

The fundamental five paragraphs construction essay suits really well in an opinion essay. If you’re done with your topic then get ready for writing. Think about all the reasons and opinions that you’re going to mention in your essay.

To write an effective opinion essay, make sure that you’re considering all the given points.


Do write all the researched content and your opinions before start writing your essay so that you could easily quote the opinions and reasons. Collect all the relevant pieces of evidence that you think you’ll need to add.

However, you should consider the questions given below while brainstorming your topic.

  1. What should be my key points?
  2. How to answer the questions that I am arising in this essay?
  3. Who are my audiences and what will be their expectations from this essay?
  4. Are my arguments logical?
  5. What evidence I should need to prove my argument?
  6. What questions I would be asked by the audience?


Like all other essays, it is also composed of three main parts such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Step 1- Introduction

Introduce your subject and opinion clearly in this starting paragraph. It should have a thesis statement- that presents your point of view about the topic.

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to start your write essay for me:

  • Target your readers directly
  • Add a quotation, a sentence from the journal, book or novel, or direct speech
  • Ask an oratorical question

Step 2- Body Paragraph

You need to support your thesis statement in this paragraph. The main body of an essay depends on several paragraphs. Each consists of a separate viewpoint braced by relevant evidence and examples.

The start of every paragraph should be a topic sentence, your main idea should be supported by arguments. Do not step into the next paragraph just because you think the paragraph you’re writing is too long. Move into the upcoming paragraph just to start a new idea.

Consider the following points while writing the body paragraph:

Step 3- Conclusion

To finish your essay, restate your opinion using different words as you can use synonyms. Avoid introducing anything new in this paragraph. To make your essay appealing, add a provoking question, suggestions, consequences or a warning sentence.


When you’re done with your essay, assess various aspects to make sure that your essay writer is outstanding.

You can evaluate your mistakes by checking:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling and Capitalizing

Never present your ideas in the form of a list. Keep this in mind that you’re writing an opinion essay so treat it like that and stick to your goals.

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